Mercedes boss expects team rivalry to continue after Rosberg extension

(From left) Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton seen during the second practice session for Sunday's Formula One Hungarian GP in Budapest, Hungary on Friday, July 22, 2016.

Luca Bruno/AP

Toto Wolff says he knows that there could be more controversial incidents between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg over the next two and half seasons.

Confirmation of Rosberg’s contract extension means that the pair could now have up to 53 more races as teammates, including this weekend.

“No, I’m never confident that we are on top of the issues,” admitted Wolff. “It’s rock and roll, they rock the boat! But we are conscious in that decision. Sometimes it can be a bumpier road. Having two number one drivers in the car that keep pushing each other raises the performance of the car, but it gives those moments where it’s about managing a difficult situation. So we’re conscious of that.”

Wolff says he doesn’t foresee a time when the team will have to nominate a clear number one driver.

Nico Rosberg extends contract with Mercedes through 2018

“It’s always very clear with the two of them that this is the philosophy we follow, having absolutely equal material and equal opportunity. I don’t see this happening, I hope it goes until the end. It’s exciting for us, it’s exciting for the fans. It might make me grow some grey hair but up to now I’m doing OK!”

Meanwhile, he said that there was never any doubt that a deal would be concluded with Rosberg: “It’s not done until it’s done and it’s signed, and we did that yesterday night. We had a couple of months of discussions, and it was never in doubt that we wanted to stay with Nico, and it was of interest to him to stay in the best current car. So we had the right spirit and the right momentum in those discussions, and the final signature came yesterday night.”