Honda, Ferrari use engine upgrade tokens ahead of Canadian GP

Ferrari and Honda have both used engine tokens ahead of this weekend's Canadian Grand Prix.

Ferrari and Honda have both dipped into their allocation of engine upgrade tokens in the build-up to the Canadian GP, becoming the first manufacturers to take advantage of the loophole in this year’s rules that allows for some development during the season.

Ferrari has used three of its tokens, and Honda two. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the upgraded engines will be deployed in Montreal, although Honda sources indicate that their new engines will indeed be used this coming weekend.

A technical directive from the FIA’s Charlie Whiting said: "Further to our note on March 13 (TD/008-15), I can confirm that, in preparation for the Canadian Grand Prix, two power unit manufacturers have used some of their allocated tokens.

"As a consequence, and in accordance with Appendix 4 of the F1 Technical Regulations, each manufacturer now has the following number of tokens available for use during the 2015 season:

Mercedes – 7

Ferrari – 7 (3 used)

Renault – 12

Honda – 7 (2 used)"

The tokens are for performance upgrades, and are seperate to any modifications for reliability purposes that are allowed by the FIA.