F1: Hamilton welcomes FIA push to put starts back in driver’s hands

Starting procedures may be slightly different from a driver's perspective beginning with the 2015 Belgian GP.

Lewis Hamilton says he welcomes the FIA’s move to have greater driver input in race starts from next month’s Belgian GP.

Radio coaching in the build-up to the start is expected to be banned for Spa, followed by technical changes – such as a single clutch paddle – for 2016.

“I guess it really depends how they go about doing it,” said Hamilton at Silverstone. “But I’m happy, the more control we get the better.

“At the moment we release the clutch, but the performance is really dictated from the team, they’ll tell you whether to go up and down on torque mode, and all those kinds of things. Sometimes they calculate it right, and sometimes they don’t, and then sometimes there are other problems, like the one I had in the last race [Austria].

“For me the best starts when I was back in F3. They were more fun back then, because I had the control. If they do it right, I think it could be good.”

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