Villeneuve: Hamilton ‘behaving like a spoiled child who lost his toy’

(From left) Lewis Hamilton and Jacques Villeneuve at the 1995 Autosport Awards. They may have aged 20 years and won four World Championships since this photo, but Villeneuve believes Hamilton today is "behaving like a spoiled child."

Formula One’s 1997 World Champion Jacques Villeneuve has slammed Lewis Hamilton for his behavior since winning the World Championship in October.

After wrapping up the title, Hamilton’s earlier dominant form mysteriously slumped just as teammate Nico Rosberg’s surged.

Also obviously slumping, however, was the Briton’s mood, former Williams driver and now television pundit Villeneuve claims.

"Maybe losing the World Championship to Lewis in the USGP changed him (Rosberg) psychologically," Villeneuve told the German-language

"I don’t know. But after that he was a killer. And Lewis reacted really badly and revealed a very negative side of his character. He showed that he cannot be humble.

"He has won three World Championships but he could not be happy, behaving like a spoiled child who lost his toy. He has not behaved like a great champion," the French-Canadian charged.

Also unimpressed with Hamilton late this year are former British F1 drivers Martin Brundle and Derek Warwick, who think the 30-year-old should have attended an awards ceremony in London.

Reports suggest Hamilton was instead in Canada to watch an NBA basketball game.

Brundle wrote on Twitter that Hamilton snubbing the ceremony was "sad:"

Warwick who, like Brundle, also raced in the ’80s and ’90s, agreed: