F1: Hamilton left frustrated as Mercedes sticks to strategy in Brazil

A victory in the Brazilian Grand Prix still eludes Lewis Hamilton after Nico Rosberg gets his second consecutive win at Interlagos.

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton had no reservations about voicing his displeasure after losing out to Nico Rosberg for the second race in a row in Brazil.

Hamilton found himself stuck in Rosberg’s dirty air throughout the race. An attempt to extract a different strategy from the Mercedes failed as the team told him there were no alternatives.

In the last race in Mexico, Hamilton argued with the team when both drivers were told to make precautionary tire stops.

"I was behind Nico and in traffic for some time and it just killed my tires," said Hamilton. "It’s a shame because it’s such a great track, but you just can’t get close enough to race."

"I love this track and it’s such a great circuit, but unfortunately, it’s so difficult to overtake. You get to within a second and you just lose downforce, and there’s no way you can get any closer."

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Hamilton was frustrated about lacking the ability to pass in the Brazilian Grand Prix.

"Motorsport is about fine lines – about tenths of a second, but you can’t get close enough within a tenth of a second to be able to fight," Hamilton said. "It’s a shame because it would be good if we did some overtaking here."

Hamilton also felt the race had little excitement because he wasn’t able to contend for the win properly.

"But unfortunately, I couldn’t get close enough, so it was relatively boring following in a tow."

Although Hamilton let his frustration show with the lack of options during the race, he still understands it’s the team’s decision.

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"I think we have to rely on the team," Hamilton said. "Of course, I was looking for whatever other opportunities there may be.

"Contrary to what Nico was saying, there was one point where I was all over him but I just couldn’t get by."

Possibly the most infuriating part about the situation for Hamilton was knowing he had the car to get his first win at Interlagos.

"I did have the fastest lap, so I obviously had the pace," Hamilton said. "It would be great to sometimes be able to do something different."

"Ultimately I think they do so many strategic simulations that they pick the best two and that’s what we’re stuck with. Surely, there are not only two options for pit stops."