FIA reportedly rejecting push for more gravel traps

Rio Haryanto heads into the gravel during the opening practice session of the Formula One Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne on March 18, 2016. (Photo: Paul Crock/AFP/Getty Images)

The FIA has reportedly rejected calls for asphalt and grass run-off areas to be replaced with gravel.

In Mexico, only Max Verstappen was penalized for cutting the first corner, even though championship chaser Lewis Hamilton did the same thing.

The ensuing debate was actually timely, given Bernie Ecclestone's contentious argument that track limits should in fact be defined by walls.

Former F1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya has another idea.

“Put in gravel traps and all the debates stop,” the Colombian told Germany's Auto Motor und Sport.

Daniel Ricciardo thinks that's a great idea.

“I'm a fan of gravel, because it punishes you. If you don't get stuck, you have rocks on the tires and in the sidepods, so you're not getting an advantage.”

But the German publication claims more gravel is unlikely, mainly because of F1's tire supplier.

“Pirelli is already complaining that there are too many stones around that damage the tires,” an FIA source is quoted as saying. “With gravel this would be even worse.”