Hulkenberg thinks Force India can remain competitive with current car

Sahara Force India F1 Team's German driver Nico Hulkenberg currently sits 11th in the points.


Nico Hulkenberg say that Force India has to make the most out of its current package as the team’s development focus has already moved towards 2017.

Like some of its rivals, the Silverstone outfit has made an early decision to concentrate its aero and R&D resources on the new regulations, so there will few updates for the current car from now on.

“We’re as happy as we can be,” said Hulkenberg. “There’s still things we need to improve and try to work on, which will be difficult. From now on the focus is on 2017, and there’s not going to be much more development. So it’s a case of optimizing what we have and getting the max out of every weekend.”

Hulkenberg is confident that the package will be strong at the next race in Hungary.

“I think the car should perform quite well there. It’s back to more low speed, twisty stuff. Last year we had a pretty decent weekend there before the front wing failure. This year we’re coming there with a similar car pace and a stronger front wing, and hopefully we’ll finish the race in the points.”

Meanwhile, the German said he was disappointed with the outcome of the British GP, despite taking a solid seventh place behind teammate Sergio Perez.

“We made up ground on Williams and beat Toro Rosso, but just from my point of view a little bit frustrated. There was more pace in the car, and I feel it could have been a much better result. Pitting onto intermediates I got stuck behind Felipe [Massa] and I just couldn’t get past, there was one line that had the best grip. Off the line there was still standing water and aquaplaning, so it was it was really awkward and annoying, so I lost a lot of time there.

“Then there was this Virtual Safety Car that helped a lot of other people I think, got them in front of me. Then it was just a matter of playing catch up.”