FIA, not teams, should plot the future of F1, says Berger

(From left) Gerhard Berger speaks with Red Bull Racing Team Principal Christian Horner at the 2015 Spanish Grand Prix.

Andy Hone

Former BMW Motorsport boss Gerhard Berger believes that Bernie Ecclestone and the FIA should take the decision making process out of the hands of the F1 teams.

In Monaco even some F1 team bosses – including RBR’s Christian Horner – expressed similar sentiments, given the difficulties involved in pushing through change. Berger agrees that Ecclestone and Jean Todt should take charge.

“That’s been clear for a long time,” said Berger. “But it doesn’t look like it’s happening at the moment. As much respect as I have for the teams, and the money they are spending, I think the rules should be made without the teams.

“It’s not up to the teams to decide what the sport needs, or what the show has to be. The teams should fulfill the requirements. That’s how it was in the old days, and that’s how it should be again, simply because the teams have completely different environments, budgets, and so on, so they will never have the same view.

“A lot of people think things have to be changed, a lot of people have different opinions, and there is a lot of conflict of interests, and so on. I think the main issue is these days it’s very difficult to make ideas happen.

“Sometimes ideas are good, sometimes not so good of course. But then to make it happen is difficult, because everyone is involved in the decision-making. It’s FOM, it’s the FIA, and always the teams, and everybody has different interests, and at the end of the day very few decisions are made.”

Regarding the recent discussions in the Strategy Group he added: “I have no problems about refueling or not refueling. But does it make the final difference? No, but maybe it’s a step.”

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