F1: Ferrari boss admits cars weren’t fast enough at Silverstone

Ferrari Team Principal Maurizio Arrivabene (R) looks on from the pit wall during qualifying for the Formula One Grand Prix of Great Britain at the Silverstone Circuit on July 4, 2015 in Northampton, England.

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Ferrari boss Maurizio Arrivabene admits he was disappointed with the team’s performance in Silverstone, despite Sebastian Vettel’s jump from fifth to third with a well-timed change to intermediates.

Arrivabene conceded that the cars simply were not quick enough in normal conditions.

“We were doing a very good job in terms of strategy,” he said. “The rain was helping us, but if the race was dry instead of being wet the result would have been completely different. If we want to be serious we need to start from there and to work on the problems that we have.

“We have to discuss it in house, but we were quite slow on the straights without gaining anything on the high-speed curves. This is the problem.”

He downplayed suggestions that upgrades for Silverstone had not paid off: “We have normal developments on the car. As I said many times, and I reconfirm one more time, the development is going through all the year, it’s not something that we put on the car all together. The upgrades that we have here they are like the little ones that we had in Austria, and the ones that are coming for Hungary.

“Methodology is important to do a good job, so instead of putting 10,000 things altogether into the car you put certain things, you measure, if they are working well, you go a step forward. Otherwise you get lost.”

He expects certain venues to continue to help or hinder the team.

“If you look at Barcelona, Barcelona was more or less the same story. I’m not finding any excuses, because this is something that I said the last time I think in Austria, we are going to have tracks that in our favor, other tracks where we are struggling. The reality is that I would like our people to be concentrated on the weaknesses, instead of looking on the strengths.”

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