Renault boss says that hybrids must remain part of F1’s long-term future

Renault Sport Racing president stresses its involvement in F1 is due to hybrid technology. (Photo: Sam Bloxham/LAT Images)
Sam Bloxham/LAT Images email:

Renault Sport Racing president boss Jerome Stoll has stressed that the French manufacturer justifies its F1 involvement through hybrid technology – but has cautioned that the cost of development is getting too high.

Speculation about the direction of F1 power unit rules beyond 2020 has already begun, with some suggesting a return to simpler and louder technology.

However, FIA President Jean Todt has made it clear that road relevance is required to keep the manufacturers on board, while also citing society’s aversion to noise.

“I think you have to take into consideration that if we are in this competition it’s also for technological reasons,” said Stoll. “The fact that we pushed among the others for the introduction of the hybrid system in the engine is also because it shows that even in the competition of F1 we can work for the environment by reducing the consumption by 30-40 percent, as you know.

“It’s something that illustrates that you can be in this competition without being somebody who wants to kill the planet. You like the competition, you like the passion, and you can work also in a way where everybody wants you to work.”

Regarding the cost of development – which this year is not regulated by a token system – he suggested the need for a cap on spending.

“Hybrid is something which is interesting, the problem we have at the end of the day is the cost of the technology. We have to take care of the costs and ensure that there is a return on the investment that we’ve made. And the costs have deviated a lot. We have to see how we can curb a little bit or cap a little bit the costs of development for each car maker.”