F1: Button not impressed with Dennis’ criticism

Jenson Button sits eighth in the Formula 1 standings heading into the British GP.

Jenson Button has refuted a recent suggestion from McLaren boss Ron Dennis that he should "try harder" as the team endures another difficult season.

Button tried to make light of the remarks but it’s clear that he wasn’t too impressed.

"I think Ron’s practicing to be a motivational speaker maybe," he said. "I think when we’re in the position that we have been in for 18 months, it’s not easy. For anyone within the team. It’s very, very difficult. So, I think we all need to work harder as a team. I don’t think we should be pointing a finger at any individual within the team.

"I think we’ve got ourselves into this situation and we’ve got to fight our way out. I don’t do things in half-measures. I have the experience in Formula One to know that you need to give 100 percent and I always do every time I’m in the paddock, at the factory, on the phone to my engineers. Everything is 100 percent."