GP2 series also up for grabs in Abu Dhabi

Zak Mauger

While the Nico Rosberg vs. Lewis Hamilton battle is front and center, it is also the case that the feeder category GP2 will crown a champion this weekend.

The favorite is Antonio Giovinazzi, a 22-year-old Italian who had been linked with a potential move into F1 for 2017.

Cheering him on this weekend will be Angelo Sticchi Damiani, the president of the Italian automobile club Aci.

“There is an urgent need to see an Italian driver in F1 again,” he told Autosprint.

“That is our first goal. We are on the eve of the last round of GP2 in Abu Dhabi and our Giovinazzi is leading despite having debuted in the category (in 2016),” added Damiani.

“We will all be holding our breath.”

For his part, Giovinazzi said he will do his best to deliver.

“I have to finish the job I started,” he said. “Of course, it is an important condition but not sufficient on its own to arrive in F1.

“The matter is much more complex than that and yet to be seen. Meanwhile, I'm thinking only of Abu Dhabi.”

Giovinazzi enters Abu Dhabi with a 9-point lead over his PREMA Racing teammate, 20-year-old French Racing driver Pierre Gasly.