Domino’s unveils custom pizza delivery car

The new "DXP", a custom pizza delivery car unveiled by Domino's.

The restaurant chain has unveiled the DXP, which short for "Delivery Expert."

Based on the Chevrolet Spark microcar, the vehicle is outfitted with features that were designed through an online crowd-sourced contest run by Local Motors a couple of years ago.

The cars have been developed with the help of Roush Industries, which also builds self-driving prototype cars for Google and custom Ford Mustangs under the Roush banner.

The passenger seats of the vehicle have been replaced with a large storage area that can hold up to 80 pizzas, along with a built-in warming oven, and everything is finished with easy clean surfaces. Domino’s chose the Spark in part thanks to its maneuverability, fuel efficiency and low overall cost.

Pricing for the custom rides has not been revealed, but the first of the initial batch of 100 of them should be hitting the streets in 25 markets around the country within a couple of weeks.

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