Porsche issues another recall for its 918 Spyder

In September, 46 Porsche 918 Spyders were recalled for a potential defect in the rear axle.

Porsche has recalled its 887-horsepower $850K 918 Spyder … again, but this time for faulty fasteners on the front axle.

Earlier this year, Porsche recalled 46 of its 918 limited-edition Spyders to fix a potential defect in the rear axle, which had not led to any crashes or injuries.

As to the latest recall, a press release said:

As a precautionary measure, Porsche will replace chassis components in 205 vehicles of the 918 Spyder model worldwide. The reason for this is that for vehicles that were manufactured in a certain time period defective parts were used from a delivery batch, whose functionality cannot be permanently guaranteed.

No complaints have been made known (such as a break of a component) from customers up till now.

Since the release, it has been revealed that the issue is faulty fasteners on the front axle, and that around 40 of the 205 affected cars are in North America. The repair will reportedly take two days to fix, with Porsche replacing the parts free of charge.

More than 60 million vehicles have been recalled in the U.S. during 2014.