Ferrari formerly owned by President Trump sells for $270K at auction

A Ferrari F430 formerly owned by U.S. president Donald J. Trump is exhibited by Auctions America in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on March 31, 2017. (Photo: Leila Macor/AFP/Getty Images)
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A 2007 Ferrari F430 F1 Coupe formerly owned by President Donald Trump went up for sale during an Auctions America sale in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, last weekend.

While the Prancing Horse was expected to sell from anywhere between $250,000-$350,000, it rolled off the block with a top bid of $245,000.

However, a few minutes after it left the podium an unnamed bidder bought the car for $270,000.

While the final sale price was much lower than the top-end estimate, it was still a record sale for the automatic version of the car.

The Ex-Trump Ferrari sold for twice the price that 2007 Ferrari F430s usually sell for. The Italian car – powered by a 4.3 liter V8 – had 6,000 miles on the odometer, 2,400 of which were turned by Trump.

Trump had bought the car new and then sold it to its second owner in 2011, who was the one who put it up for auction.