Valet driver writes-off a Ferrari 599 GTO

Surely you’ve got to be a bit nervous when you hand the keys of your Ferrari 599 GTO over to a stranger to park it?

Granted, chances are you and I can’t attest to this, as only 599 of the 670-horsepower supercar exist.

For this owner, it must have been a nightmare come true last week, when he discovered that the valet driver he’d trusted to park his car safely in Rome crashed the Ferrari into a store across from the parking garage, severely damaging both the store and the vehicle.

Corriere della Sera reports that the valet driver, 38-year-old Roberto Cinti, told the police that “I wasn’t showing off … I made a mistake and touched the accelerator instead of the brake.” There is an ongoing investigation into the incident.

Cinti was taken to hospital, mainly due to shock, but ultimately there were no severe injuries.