Suspect gets remotely locked inside stolen BMW

The suspect was arrested for car theft and drug possession. (Photo: National Motor Museum/Heritage Images/Getty Images)
Heritage Images/Getty Images

A man found himself locked inside a BMW 550i that he had just been stolen last Sunday in Seattle, according to the SPD Blotter.

The car’s owner had just gotten married the day before, and had loaned her car to a friend. On Sunday morning, the 38-year-old suspect reportedly found the car unlocked in a parking deck with the keys inside, and drove off with it.

The owner soon found out that her car had been stolen and so contacted the police. The police then got in contact with BMW, who were able to track down her vehicle and lock the vehicle remotely.

When the police found the car, the suspect was discovered to be asleep inside the vehicle with a bag of meth.

The officers awoke the suspect, who tried and failed to get away. The man was then arrested for car theft and drug possession.

We wish the newlywed couple – and their 550i – the best of luck in the years to come!