Alternative camera angle gives new look at Dakar horror crash (VIDEO)

As reported earlier in the week, the El Martillo Racing entry was forced out of the Dakar Rally prematurely after suffering a heavy crash at Stage 7. New video has since emerged showing just how terrifying the incident was for the competitors involved, as well as spectators who were attending to a car that flipped moments earlier.

The wreck occurred while driver Matthew Campbell – and teammates Luis "Fito" Ramirez and Nico Ambriz – were racing across the Bolivian desert at speeds nearing 110 mph. According to a statement posted on the team’s Facebook page, the Durango Jimco SUV hit a five-foot deep water cut which triggered the vicious end-over-end wreck.

"At the km 50 marked on the road book of the 7th stage, the first part of the marathon stage, the water crossing where the accident happened was marked as Danger 2, when in fact it should’ve (been a) Danger 4 at least," the Facebook post stated. "The race car was moving at a speed of 174 km/h (108 mph) when suddenly they found the water cut 5 feet deep… There was not much to do but hang on and resist the crash."

Campbell and his co-drivers were injured, but managed to exit the vehicle shortly after the crash with assistance from officials and spectators. They were then transported to a local hospital where further evaluations revealed only minor bumps and bruises.

"Fortunately, in despite of the dramatic accident Matt, Nico and Fito did not suffer too many damages other than bruises to the hide and pride," the team said on Facebook.

All three of the El Martillo Racing participants have sinced been treated and released from South American hospitals and have returned to the Dakar Rally to show their support for teams still competiting in the endurance race.

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