A rally car accidentally drove into a parking lot and still won the race

Sometimes in life you have to play the hand you’ve been dealt, and sometimes that hand forces you off-road and into a parking lot during a rally car race.

Fortunately for Kris Meeke, he played his cards to perfection and was still able to come away victorious.

Meeke headed into the final stretch of his run at the Rally Guanajuato México 2017 with a massive lead on the competition. It looked like he was going to win by a significant margin, but then he lost control of his car and accidentally drove through some shrubbery and into a nearby parking lot.

In most cases, this would derail a driver’s run and end any chance at a top finish. Hence why Meeke’s team looked like this in the immediate aftermath:

But Meeke was able to navigate around the cars in the parking lot and scout out a chance to save his run. He spotted an opening in the shrubbery and jumped back onto the course and crossed the finish line.

Ultimately, his 37-second lead prior to the parking lot fiasco was enough of a cushion to save him. Meeke still finished in first place for the win. Pretty amazing.