MLS: No desire for promotion-relegation

Major League Soccer has no intention to institute promotion and

relegation and will not eliminate conferences to match other

leagues in the world.

Speaking Thursday with the Associated Press Sports Editors, MLS

President Mark Abbott said ”promotion-relegation is not something

we’re looking at.”

”I don’t see that in the future, certainly in any reasonable

future for us,” he said.

MLS expanded to 18 teams this year with the addition of Portland

and Vancouver, and Montreal will join in 2012. Abbott said as the

league gets bigger, it may not keep a balanced schedule. Because of

its desire to promote regional rivalries, MLS is not interested in

the so-called ”single table” schedule used by other


The MLS also will keep its March-to-November schedule and not

align with soccer’s international calendar, which runs from August

to May/June.