Alex Rodriguez says the winner of Game 3 between Boston and New York will advance to ALCS

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Alex Rodriguez joins David Ortiz and Frank Thomas to discuss the tight ALDS series between Boston and New York, with the Yankees tying the series up ahead of a massive Game 3 in the Bronx.

- Come on, Papi, give it to me, the Yankees win. Give it one time.


Come on, one time.

- The Yankees lose.

- That's baseball, Papi. Anyway, we talk about the--

- That's baseball season.


- For those of you not in the New York area, John Sterling, Suzyn Waldman, awesome radio crew that call.

- The best.

- Here's the deal, so Red Sox looked great in game one, right? And the Yankees responded in a big way in game number two. Frank, going down to your way, I know you liked the Yankees coming into this series. Looked like the Sox killed their momentum early, but that was a pretty resounding win now in game number two.

- It was a big win in Boston. Bottom line is, the Yankees got hot at the right time. They're healthy at the right time. Judge is leading the way, Stanton swinging the bat, and now Sanchez last night with two big home runs. The momentum has definitely swung to the Yankees' favor.

- Who's got the edge though going into game number two?

- Oh, it's got to be the Yankees. They get to go home to that crazy crowd. It's going to be a wild one.

- But--

- But--

- They're facing Eovaldi--

- OK.

- --tomorrow.

- OK.

- And you know Eovaldi's number against them?

- It's pretty good.

- Papi, I--


- I got the sense that you were a little nervous earlier. Did you get that feeling a little nervous?

- I did. Look, here's the bottom line, Kevin. You asked who has the advantage, the winner of game three will advance. This is the biggest game of the series. 75% of the games that are won, that team advances.

And that's the reason why Joe Torre would pitch Andy Pettitte, my first mention--

DAVID ORTIZ: Andy Pettitte.

- --of game three, because that had the most recourse. And by the way, they've woken up Gary Sanchez, the best hitter in that lineup.

- Wow, second Andy Pettitte reference of the postseason here on FS1 with only three games, three days in.