Manny Machado talks homering on a 3-0 count: ‘I was able to sneak, sneak, sneak it out of here’

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Ken Rosenthal chats with Manny Machado after hitting a 2-run home run in Game 2 of the NLDS.

- Manny, let's start with Clayton Kershaw. From your perspective, what made him so good tonight?

- He's commanding both sides of the zone-- inside, outside. He was tough to sit on one pitch. He was commanding all three of his pitches. It was amazing to play defense behind him today.

KEN ROSENTHAL: Your home run off Sanchez on a 3-0 count. You've had some success against him in the past. What was your thinking there?

- Well, runner on third base there, I know I'm not going to get a cookie to hit in that situation. I know he's going to try to make me chase. He threw a hell of a pitch-- I'm not going to like-- but I was able to make good contact there. I was being aggressive the whole way, 3-0, trying to at least drive him in. And I was able to sneak, sneak, sneak it out of here.

KEN ROSENTHAL: You started off with Baltimore. They had such a rough year. Now, you're in the playoffs with the Dodgers-- back in the playoffs for you. What has it been like-- this experience for you-- just being part of this?

- It's been a crazy year. It's been a crazy journey. But to come here and be a part of this special group-- all these guys in here are pretty special. They're all talented. They all work as hard as anybody out there, and I'm just glad to come here and be a part of this, see it firsthand, and be back in the postseason, which is amazing. I know they're very hungry in there. We're all hungry and we're not going to stop fighting until we get what we want.

- Manny, thanks a lot. See you in Atlanta. Kevin, back to you.