Clayton Kershaw: “The only reason I play is to win a World Series”

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Clyton Kershaw knows how important a World Series win would mean to the city of Los Angeles.

COMMENTATOR 1: Sixth straight year the West belongs to the Dodgers.

- Not many teams can say they get to win the division that many times, especially last year, realizing how much it meant the city of LA to get to go to World Series. Obviously, we didn't pull it off.

COMMENTATOR 2: The Houston Astros are World Champions.

CLAYTON KERSHAW: It basically came down to that last game, and it's tough. You know, for me personally-- good, bad-- you know, I just kind of absorb everything. It just kind of, you know, it comes up in moments where I start thinking about it. But you know, I don't process it and then let it go.

SINGER: (SINGING) I made my peace with my ghosts.

CLAYTON KERSHAW: Every season, the only reason I play is to win a World Series. All the individual stuff is great, but I don't care about that, either. I want to have the respects of my teammates, and I want to win.