Mike Moustakas details his walk-off in Game 1 of NLDS

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Mike Moustakas joins Jon Morosi to discuss his walk-off single in NLDS Game 1 against the Rockies.

REPORTER: Mike, what kind of deep breath did you take when that foul tip was not caught?

- Oh. I turned back and I saw he dropped it, it was like, I got another life. That's a great pitcher on the mound, trying to put the ball in play, and got a good pinch hit and did that.

- Mike, all those games you played in Kansas like this, how much have they helped you in that at bat?

- Oh, a lot. You know, the more experience you get, the more exposure you get in these situations, your heartbeat slows down just a little bit and, you know, just focus in on the moment, and not letting it get too big or too small.

REPORTER: You're hearing this crowd in Milwaukee chant your name. What do you think back on all the things that happened to put you here in this moment?

- Oh, I'm just happy to, you know, that the Brewers gave me a chance to come play some postseason baseball. I mean, there's nothing like October baseball. And, you know, I'm fortunate enough to be here, fortunate enough to be playing such a great stadium and city. [AUDIO OUT] fans. And it's just been a lot of fun so far.

REPORTER: And lastly Mike, who do you want to say hello to back [AUDIO OUT] watching at home.

- Say hi to Dad, all my sisters. My wife is here, my kids. It's awesome, man. It's been a lot of fun. And I can't wait to see them. It will be good.

- Enjoy it, Mike. Thanks so much.

- Good seeing you.