Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz make their predictions for the ALDS

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Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz disagree about who will win the ALDS series between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

- All right. Already st--

- One for the thumb.

- Where's the hat?

- Hey, so you already know that I'm a Red Sox employee, right?

- Oh my gosh.

- So you know what happens after we win the World Series this year, what's going to happen, right? Ca-king! That's where we going.


- One for the thumb?

- One for the thumb, buddy.

- Wait, are you saying John Henry's going to give you one?

- Oh, you know that for sure. That's my man.

- How much are you going to pay for it?

- I'll be looking like [INAUDIBLE] in about six more years. Look at this.

- Mr. T.

- We're 10 minutes into the show, we already got the helmet back on.

- I pity the fool.

- I mean, it's unbelievable.

- Classic.

- All right, so I guess I know who you think is going to win this series, Papi. You think it's the Red Sox.

- Are you serious?

- Why? Tell me why, though.

- We won over 200 games, bro.

- What?

- Who better than us?

- 200 hundred?

- Yes, sir. Over 200 games. I'm counting spring training, even the off-season game.


- Spring training.

- We did great this year, man. I mean, what you think?

- Alex?

- Who against us?

- I know who you're not rooting for in this series.

- No doubt. Look, I think there was a big series in early August where the Red Sox swept the Yankees. And there was a big confidence shift. The last series, Yankees went in and they won two out of three. That's going to be big for them. But the other thing is, they're playing well, they're confident, and they're healthy. The two best players are back with Didi Gregorius and Aaron Judge.

And last night in the first inning, Judgey goes deep. The stadium wanted to come down. Like, the old stadium. I was so mad I wasn't there. I was with you guys and Bardy out having dinner. But here's the other thing. Their pitching is set up perfectly. They have Happ, they have Tanaka, they have Severino. They're ready to go. The one key for the Yankees, Frank, is last night, Severino pitched four. That's not good enough. We need these pitchers to get to six innings and then hand it to the bull pen.

- I think you're right. I like the Yankee's momentum right now. They've got healthy at the right time. Boston's been sitting around for four days. I think Boston comes in without attitude.

- That's good!

- We saw them come into Boston last week and win two out of three. I think the Yankees right now have saved the best for the last. I like the Yankees in another classic series.

- Frank, you and I are the only people who are not paid by the Red Sox's team.


- KB, who do you like?

- I really like the Yankees, to be honest. I agree with you on the full strength.

- I love this guy,

- I like the way they're set up with Happ starting game one. How about Chris Sale though, Frank? You know well, obviously, your time in Chicago. Are you worried at all about his velocity dip a little bit? We'll get your end, don't worry.

- I'm concerned with his consistency. He's had so much time off, he's not commanding the strike zone like he normally does. And he's a little rusty going into a hot team with Stanton and Judge swinging the way they're swinging and taking the pressure off the rest of the guys. I really like the Yankees' momentum at the right time.

- All you guys know what type of B's we have in the clubhouse named Sale. The man, the minute he step on the mound, you know the Yankees lose like they have never hit before. So good luck with that. I have some Insider-- I know that my man Sale is good to go for not one, two games.

- Wow, OK.

- Two games.