Trevor Story reflects on Rockies’ journey to NLDS

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Trevor Story sits with Jon Morosi just ahead of the Rockies NLDS matchup against the Brewers.

- Thanks, Kevin. Trevor, when you think about the remarkable progress that you've made from your elbow injury, who do you thank the most for helping you get back and play so effectively, as you have.

- Our trainers, no doubt. It's been a long journey. You know, it's been a tough one, but something that we're battling through and, you know, we're just treating it pretty much every day. Thankful to those guys, man, they've kept me on the field.

JON MOROSI: You probably can't even think about what time zone you're in, what city you're in right now, after this arduous journey that you've had as a team. What have been maybe the most enjoyable or the lightest moments during the course of this week?

- Yeah, exactly. It's been a whirlwind, that's for sure, you know, three or four different cities in four different days. But that's playoff baseball, man. There's nowhere else we'd rather be. Favorite part, definitely winning-- you know, last-- or the night before. And, you know, celebrating with the teammates, that was pretty special.

JON MOROSI: And finally, the Brewers, Trevor, it looks like they're going to probably go with a bit of a bullpening game today, starting Brandon Woodruff. How does that change your approach as an offense?

- You know, a little bit, I think. I think that's kind of the way the game has been a little bit lately. But, you know, we're going to get ready for Woodruff, and then, you know, we're preparing for a few different guys. So whoever they run out there, we'll be ready for.

JON MOROSI: Great to see you back on the field, Trevor, playing so well. Thanks so much for your time.

- All right, thank you.