Dontrelle Willis’ 5 MLB Players to watch during the postseason

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Here are Dontrelle Willis' Top 5 players to watch this MLB Postseason

- Dontrelle Willis here. And here's some of the big players I want you to watch in the postseason. At number five, I have Alex Bregman for the Houston Astros. A swagger like Mick Jagger, and a tough batter at the plate. He's fun to watch, and he's going to catapult that offense and continue to boost them and get them deep into the postseason.

At number four, I have the New York Yankee Aaron Judge coming off a nasty wrist injury. Watch for him in the postseason. If he struggles, that Yankee offense will struggle. And they won't get far into the postseason.

Number three, Ronald Acuna Jr. This young, talented, powerful rookie hit a lot of home runs for them and was a focal point for their offense. For them to get deep into the postseason, he has to continue to hit for power early and often.

Number two, David Price for the Boston Red Sox. He's had a great regular season. But none of that will matter if he continues to struggle into the postseason. Watch how he goes in practice, and let's see if he can go deep into the ball game and get those guys to the World Series.

At number one, I have the sweet swinging left-hander, Christian Yelich. This MVP candidate was good for them offensively as well as defensively. And he came with the energy and swagger that they needed for their ball club. Watch for him to be the focal point and get those guys deep into the National League.