Daniel Murphy talks to Ken Rosenthal after the Nationals’ win over the Cubs

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Daniel Murphy says the Nationals are finally getting healthy and they are going to take it one game at a time.

- Daniel, home run today. Zimmerman hits two home runs. A number of Nationals players are coming off injuries. You're one of them. How difficult has it been for you guys, just rounding back into form?

- I think we're getting fully healthy now. We're starting to play some good baseball. I think that's the fourth straight start that Tanner Roark's really, really thrown the ball well. He was awesome today to kind of keep an offense like that at bay. He was great.

Ryan at the plate today was unbelievable, six RBIs. He got us going in the first, the tack on run with the sack fly, and then the three run shot. That really was able to let us really kind of get out in front and run away with it. It was a great team win. I thought the offense up and down had great at bats today and kept putting traffic out there.

INTERVIEWER: Now, you guys have won 11 of 17. At this moment, you're five games out in the National League East. You've had a lot of stops and starts this season. Why do you think it might be different now?

- I think right now is just coming in here and putting ourselves in a position to win the series. And that's what we've done today. We get a chance to win the series tomorrow. Hopefully we can just keep stacking up good wins, good innings. I like to boil it down to winning pitches because that's in your control. Engaging on every single pitch, that we can control. We can't control the outcome or what other ball clubs are doing, but we can control engaging every single pitch.

- You had the leaping grab at second, the snow cone.

- Mm-hmm.

- Big smile on your face after that. Why?

- I thought I got pretty high, and to be honest with you, probably about 10 months ago, it would've been really difficult to make that play.

INTERVIEWER: Good for you, Daniel. Good to see you back. Thank you.