How close were the Nationals to trading Bryce Harper?

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Ken Rosenthal explains how realistic the chances were of Bryce Harper being traded before the deadline.

- How close were they actually to trading away Bryce Harper?

- Kevin, not terribly close. Did they listen? Yes. Did they get into conversations with teams? Yes, they did, including the Cleveland Indians as Jason stark reported in "The Athletic." But at the same time, it never got to the point where they were actively exchanging names, and really getting into serious conversations, for the reasons that Tom said.

Mike Rizzo believes in this team. The owner, Ted Lerner, said we couldn't give up on this team. What's interesting is that there are some people in the Nationals organization, baseball people under Rizzo, who wanted to reconfigure the club by trading Harper and kind of achieve the same thing the Red Sox did in 2004, when they sent Nomar Garciaparra away, brought in Orlando Cabrera, and Doug Mientkiewicz, better defensive club.

Now, it's not like Harper was a negative force in the clubhouse the way Garciaparra was. But there are people who just felt this team might benefit from a little bit of a shakeup. Ultimately, the Nationals decided against it.

- Either way, it's a fascinating storyline. So we'll follow it see how they do. Ken, thanks. Enjoy the game today at Fenway.