How will the acquisition of Roberto Osuna affect the Astros clubhouse?

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Ken Rosenthal discusses how acquiring Roberto Osuna will impact the defending champions clubhouse in Houston.

- Ken Rosenthal, who's live at Fenway for the Yanks and Red Sox today, but we are talking to Astros here, Kenny. We just were talking about it. And they made a really surprising, controversial move. They got Roberto Osuna at the trade deadline, the Toronto closer. And look, right now he's in the middle of a domestic case, coming off a suspension, eligible tomorrow. How does that affect the Astros clubhouse? How do they deal with this going forward?

- Kevin, that's an excellent question, and one we're going to answer probably starting tomorrow when he is expected to meet with the team before he is activated. Now think about this, if you're an Astros player-- maybe you're married, maybe you have a girlfriend, maybe you have daughters-- and you're going to have to explain to them why this player is now on your team and how that is OK.

Justin Verlander and Lance McCullers already have spoken out this year about a former Astros minor leaguer who was shown on surveillance video dragging his girlfriend down steps. That reaction from them is a normal reaction, and you would expect is the same reaction they would have to this kind of thing. Verlander has said, in fact, that he has not changed his opinion of domestic violence, and nor should he. So it's going to be interesting to see one of the best clubhouses in baseball, widely acknowledged as that, how they handle this particular situation.

- And is the risk worth it? But I guess time will tell on that.