Ken Rosenthal breaks down the Nationals’ trade deadline plans and more

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Ken Rosenthal discusses the next starter on the move and what the Nationals plans are as the trade deadline approaches.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: More deadline news. Who else do we turn to but our insider? That would be Ken Rosenthal, joining us now. And Ken, always good to see you, giving us a couple minutes on this crazy weekend for you. Big starting pitchers, are we going to see any more of them on the move here before the deadline?

KEN ROSENTHAL: Kevin, that is the big question in the next few days. And my guess is, the answer will be yes, simply because of the laws of supply and demand. There are so few quality starters out there that these teams with them are getting pushed.

And the team to watch here is Tampa Bay. Chris Archer, they might finally move him. We don't know yet. But there are teams really knocking down their door. The Yankees are one. The Dodgers are another. And the San Diego Padres, they're all eyeing Archer because of the three additional years of control, the below market salaries, which he's signed to. He's a guy that can step into rotation, not necessarily a top of the rotation starter, though that is what his potential is. But it's going to be really interesting to see how the Rays handle this.

And the other thing to watch here, Kevin, the Padres. They badly want someone like Archer or Marcus Stroman, or Noah Syndergaard. And AJ Preller their GM, is an aggressive guy.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: I feel like we've been talking about Archer and the deadline for like 17 years, Kenny. So maybe you're right. Maybe this is the time he finally does move. I'm fascinated with the Washington Nationals. We know they've underachieved all year. Bryce Harper's final year, at least before he's a free agent, what are they going to do here, before the deadline? They have already made some moves. What's next?

KEN ROSENTHAL: Well Kevin, they entered this weekend basically needing to win three out of four from the Marlins to avoid becoming a seller. So far, so good. They've won the first two games of this series. And my hunch is, they'll probably win one more, if not both. And at that point they shift again, and say OK, let's buy. Let's try to get a starting pitcher. Let's try to get a catcher.

If it goes badly over the next two days, or even if it doesn't, they could be in a position where they're buying and selling. They've got a number of potential free agents, Kelvin Herrera, Ryan Madson in the bullpen, Matt Adams, Mark Reynolds, and of course, the big one, Bryce Harper. I don't expect he's going anywhere. If you trade him, you're effectively cutting ties with him. And you can't expect to sign him back as a free agent. But the Nationals are right on the precipice here. If they struggle over these next two days, we could see them sell. If not, bye.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: Really interesting couple of days for the Nationals. Ken, we appreciate it. We'll talk to you a little bit later in the show.