Mookie Betts talks with JP Morosi about the secret to Boston’s success after their win over Kansas City

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Mookie Betts talks with JP Morosi about the trust and belief that the Red Sox have in themselves in 2018.

- Well, Mookie, it doesn't feel like it now, but this game was in doubt. In the middle of the ballgame, a four-run fifth that started with you. What changed in that inning?

- I think he got to two outs. He's pitching well and I think we put-- we put together some at-bats. You know, I got a hit there and then Benny walked, and then anytime you got-- get J.D. to the plate with two guys on you, he, you know, expected something good to happen, and something good did.

- I remember seeing you a couple of different times last year, Mookie, and it always seemed like you were battling through something-- injury, your swing wasn't quite right at different times. Why has this year been so spectacular for you?

- You know, I just have something to focus on-- some key points that-- that kind of click, you know, each day. So I try and find those-- those points and go after my work.

- Can you share at all where those points come from?

- Ah, I can't. Can't talk about my points. Just, we've got some good guys around with J.D., Timmy Hyers, and Andy Barkett, and those guys keep me in line.

- And on that note, Mookie, what's different about this team this year?

- You know, it's tough to say. You know, we brought back a lot of guys. I just feel like we're more as one, you know? We believe in each other. We kind of pass the baton back, as you saw today. I mean, we were getting hits all up and down the lineup. So I think we trust each other and we know-- we know we can-- we got some good guys.

- Last couple ones for you. I think I'm safe in predicting that tomorrow, you'll be named an All-Star for the third straight year. What does it mean to you, Mookie, that now you're a player that kids around this country, around the world, look forward to seeing in the Midsummer Classic?

- You know, it's a blessing. Definitely a humbling experience, just knowing that you're kind of a guy that's kind of known. But, you know, it always comes from the work, so I know I have to continue to put in my work and kind of use-- use this ladder as something positive.

- And lastly, Mookie, you mentioned your pre-game work as well. How hard is it to stay focused day to day with all those great World Cup action on the TVs in the clubhouse every day?

- It's tough. You know, we got some things going on with the World Cup. But, you know, you have to separate your job and what's fun.

- It's a joy watching you play, Mookie. Thank you so much.

- Thank you.

- Back to you.