Ken Rosenthal talks with J. D. Martinez after the Boston Red Sox’ big win over the New York Yankees

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Ken Rosenthal talks with J. D. Martinez after the Boston Red Sox big win over the New York Yankees

- JD, lot of heroes tonight. Let's start with Chris Sale. Seven innings, one hit, 11 strikeouts. You faced them a lot in your career, now you're his teammate. What do you know about him now that you didn't know before?

- Man, great teammate, great guy, great clubhouse guy. Before when you face him, you kind of have that tough guy interpretation about him. And he's not that off the mound. You put him on the mound and he's a tough guy, he's nasty. He's a guy you definitely don't want to face. And a lot happier that I'm his teammate now than competing against him.

- Rafael Devers, five hits tonight, a grand slam. Alex Cora said that you saw something in his swing earlier in this season. What was it you recommended?

- I talked to him more about like, he got into a habit of kind of just spinning his front foot to land and really kind of opening up. And I felt like it was really just making it one-sided almost. Kind of just pulling everything. And he was trying to hit the ball to left field, but he can't. He's sitting there wondering why.

And I remember I was just, went over the video with him, kind of showed up know what some of the guys, some great hitters do and kind of matched it up to what he does. And he really saw it and took to it and kind of just, I give him all the credit. Because I told him and he stays every day and he grinds on it and he works on it, so you tip your hat to him, because he's a good kid and he works hard.

- 3 for 4 for you tonight, three RBIs, you lead the majors in home runs, RBIs, you're third in OPS. What part of your performance this season are you most satisfied with?

- Man, I don't know. I think it's just us winning. And just doing everything I can. And even if it's not out here, even if it's in there, talking to the guys, just being a new role for me. I'd never been in a role where guys come to me and ask me questions and stuff like that in Detroit. And I got a little bit of it in Arizona.

And coming here, it was one of those things where, they have a lot of young guys. And a lot of young guys in the lineup, and they're always asking questions and they want to get better. And I don't know, I feel like that's what I'm most proud of almost.

- JD, thanks very much.