Jon Morosi talks with Mitch Haniger after his big night against the Boston Red Sox

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Jon Morosi talks with Mitch Haniger after his big night against the Boston Red Sox

- Mitch, the Red Sox scored 14 runs last night. Mike Leake gave them nothing tonight. How did you see him do it?

- Oh, man, mixing pitches. I mean, he did a great job tonight. It was fun to play behind him. And yeah, great line-up over there, so to shut them out through eight, it was awesome. Fun to play behind him.

- Mitch, two run scoring doubles for you, both on cutters from Rodriguez. What allowed you to see that difficult pitch so well tonight?

- Yeah, just trying to get them out over the plate, and saw it good. Both of them were kind of inside. And luckily, got enough air to it and got it far enough to get the runs in, so it was good.

- There may be some uneasy Mariner fans, Mitch, after that five game losing streak. What did tonight's game tell them?

- Yeah, I mean, we're just trying to focus on winning every night. And whether it's a win or loss the night before, put it behind us and focus on the present moment today. And tomorrow it's going to be tomorrow. So for us, we've been doing a great job of that all year. And not letting the night before carry over to the next day.

- Mitch, you're an All-Star candidate right now. Three years ago at your request, you were sent from AA to the Class-A Cal league. How did you get from there to here?

- Just working hard, trying to help the team win. I mean, that's the main focus. It's been that way since I started. Yeah, work hard, just trying to improve every day, get better every day. That's the goal.

- Mitch, thanks so much.

- Yeah, thank you.

- Back to you.

- Appreciate it.

- Thank you. Great job, Mitch, it was a pleasure. Thank you so much.