Ken Rosenthal on the possibility of Jacob DeGrom being traded by the Mets

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Ken Rosenthal expects the New York Mets to ask for a lot in return if they are going to trade Jacob DeGrom this season.

- Time now for the "Inside Pitch." For that, we welcome in Ken Rosenthal, live at Citi Field for today's broadcast between the Dodgers and the Mets. And Ken, all the talk around Citi Field surrounds a guy that, of course, EK calls the best pitcher in all of baseball, Jacob DeGrom, and if he will be traded from the Mets. EK says it's going to take a haul. What's the latest?

- Well, Mike, the Mets basically have three choices here. They can trade DeGrom. But they're going to want a boatload in return, and I'm not sure any team can satisfy 'em. They can also do nothing. But DeGrom is headed for big paydays in arbitration, and with each passing day, he gets closer to his free agency after 2020.

Finally, they can sign him to an extension and perhaps trade Noah Syndergaard instead. DeGrom just turned 30. As Eric said, he is at the peak of his powers. Elite pitchers in his age bracket generally command seven-year deals and $25 million to $30 million range. For the Mets, that would be a record contract.