Dontrelle Willis and A-Rod on the state of Miami baseball

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Miami Marlins Icon, Dontrelle Willis, and Miami native, Alex Rodriguez, discuss the current state of the Marlins lead by Derek Jeter.

- No one knows this whole scenario more than you. You won a world championship, you've seen, you've lived these player dumps and rebuilds, right? And you're an iconic player with that franchise and in that city. So what is going on, and what is the reaction from you to this whole situation?

- You know, honestly, I'm tired as a fan of being patient. This is a tough situation. The fans enjoy baseball, they love baseball, they have stars like him come out of there. You hear many big leaguers that are from South Florida. This is unacceptable to continue to process this and play like this, and you have to show some level of commitment, not only to the fans but to your organization. You had controlling options with, arguably, one of the best outfielders with [INAUDIBLE] Ozuna in the game, and you give him away.

The list of all-stars that they've traded away from that organization is just mind blowing. But yet they want fans to come. No one is going to sit in traffic, no one's gonna pay that type of money to go see guys struggling like that. And that's no disrespect to the guys on that ball club. They are playing their hearts out, and they're trying their best.

- Of course.

- But they need some leadership, they need some staying power, and also they want to feel a level of commitment. They don't wanna be in an organization that is one day they're here, they can be sent down the next day, they could be traded the next day. It's uncomfortable, and it's tough to play like that, and I hope they turn around sooner than later, 'cause fans are tired of it, and I am too.

- That's well said.

- How do you turn it around?

- Wow.

- I mean, this is not like a snap of the fingers. I mean--

- And I love those guys on that team, I really do. And I'm not trying to step on any toes, but enough's enough with that. They have the stadium, they're worried about the stadium, they have it. The fans deserve it, especially they're paying for that stadium now, to have a good [INAUDIBLE] lined up.

- That's right. They are paying for that stadium, so why would you go? And that's no disrespect.

- Yeah.

- Those guys are trying hard, but you can't trade away those assets and expect to be good.

- Yeah, the one thing is it has the potential to be one of the trophy assets in Major League Baseball as the gateway to South America-- no state taxes, billion-dollar stadium. Jimmy Johnson build it the best. You have the 500-mile radius from that stadium-- you have the greatest players in the world. Draft them, stay with them, and when they go away like Machado and Hosmer, bring them back for a discount.

- Interesting. We'll see if it goes, we'll see if it plays. You heard earlier in the show, though, drafting all these high school kids-- that's not tomorrow. That's not the day after tomorrow.

- A long ways out.

- That's a couple of years after tomorrow.