Tom Verducci weighs in on the draft strategy of the Miami Marlins

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Tom Verducci talks about the draft strategy of the Miami Marlins.

ANALYST: Yesterday, as we know, a big day for Derek Jeter, his first draft with the Marlins. And so what's been the reaction to outfielder Connor Scott being selected 13th overall?

TOM VERDUCCI: Well, not just that KB. You look at the first three picks of the Marlins, M first three, as you mentioned, under Derek Jeter as one of the owners of this team. All of them high school position players. So that really underscores what we all thought about the Marlins, that they are looking at things with a macro lens here, a longer look in terms of rebuilding this franchise.

Now one reason why they have to do that is because their drafts in recent years have not been productive. You think about the drafts over the last five years, it had nine first round picks. And none of those picks have contributed to the Major League team.

Now three of those have been traded. But they've flat out missed on some of those picks, still waiting on some of those picks. So listen, it will be hard to judge Derek Jeter's first draft class until we get much farther down the line. We're talking about four or five years.

But they're putting a premium on position players and athleticism. And I think that plays with a very big ballpark at home.

ANALYST: Yeah. We'll see. You said it's a bigger picture here. More on Derek Jeter later in the show. And Tom, we'll get your perspective on whether or not he can turn things around in Miami. Look forward to that.