Tom Verducci on Robinson Cano’s suspension and Jose Berrios’ recent struggles

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Tom Verducci joins Chris Myers to discuss Robinson Cano's suspension and the recent struggles of Jose Berrios.

CHRIS MYERS: Let's welcome in Tom Verducci. He'll be calling the game tonight. The Emmy Award winner, and congratulations on that. You've had some time to ponder this news. What's your reaction on the Robinson Cano suspension?

TOM VERDUCCI: Well, it was interesting. I wanted a player's perspective, I talked to Matt Carpenter of the Cardinals. I thought it was very instructive what he said from a player's point of view that you want to believe that Robinson's excuse that he was taking something, a diuretic for medical reasons, still took responsibility, but that's all there is to it.

But he does say as a player, and I'm sure this is true of fans, Chris, that it makes you wonder what else is going on out there. That's why it's so disappointing. Now I know a lot of people immediately talk about perhaps the Hall of Fame chances of Robinson Cano. I could argue he has Hall of Fame numbers right now.

But based on the voting patterns we've seen so far, no one who has tested positive got close to getting elected to the Hall of Fame. Now he's got years left on his contract. It'll be at least 10 years before he's actually on a ballot. A lot of things can change between now and then. Who knows how the electorate will look at it. But as we stand today, it doesn't look like Robinson Cano's Hall of Fame career will wind up in Cooperstown.

CHRIS MYERS: Yeah, and a bit of a twist. I know Jerry Dipoto, the GM, said that Dee Gordon from center field in Seattle, may come in and play some second base. He was a past suspended player for 80 games.

TOM VERDUCCI: Yeah, and it was interesting because when they first thought Robinson Cano might be lost because of the broken bone in his hand for only about three or four weeks, they did not want to move Dee Gordon. They have Gordon Beckham has a placeholder. But now that it's 80 games, I think Seattle will rethink the idea of moving Dee Gordon to second base. They have more depth in the outfield than they do in the infield.

CHRIS MYERS: All right. And for tonight's game, Twins starter, Jose Berrios, one of the promising pitchers so far, but he hadn't been the same since he pitched in Puerto Rico. I know you were there, saw that and have observed him since. What should we expect tonight?

TOM VERDUCCI: Well, when he's on, he's as electric as any young pitcher in baseball. We have not seen that the last four starts. And it's all about his devastating breaking ball. That has gone missing since the game he pitched in Puerto Rico. Now when I asked him about that, he said that's what he concentrated on in his last bullpen session.

And normally, when you talk about pitchers letting it eat, as he put it, they're talking about fastballs. But that is going to be his mentality tonight with his breaking ball. He said I need to get back to being as aggressive as possible, throwing it as hard as I can. And yes, letting it eat. You'll know if he's on if you see the east west movement on that pitch. He has lost that in the last four starts, that sweeping action. Look for that early tonight as a sign if he's found that great curve ball.

CHRIS MYERS: All right, on the other side, Jack Flaherty, his seventh start for the Cardinals. All right, thanks very much, we'll see you later in the broadcast with Justin Kutcher.