Eric Karros: Josh Harrison’s injury spells disaster for the Pirates

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Eric Karros and Frank Thomas join Kevin Burkhardt to discuss Josh Harrison's injury and what it means for Pittsburgh.

- Without Josh Harrison, this is going to be a challenge, Frank. This is their All-Star at the top of the lineup. He's out a long time, month and a half. How do they respond?

- It's really bad for the Pirates, because they've played such inspired baseball in April. But Josh Harrison's the heart and soul of that clubhouse. Losing him for an extended period of time, after losing McCutchen this offseason, it's going to be tough on this team.

This guy brings it every day. It's not hard to follow this guy. He plays with an excitement and energy that inspires the whole club. I hate to see this for this guy, because he's refreshing to watch, on and off the field, with this team, the Pirates.

- You hit it right on the head with the energy that he brings, you know, besides talent. Pittsburgh, the way they've started, people are excited. And you should be excited, because it's a start that a lot of people didn't expect.

But remember, it's 3 and 0 against Detroit, 3 and 1 against Cincinnati. You know, win a few games against Miami.

- They got to beat them too, EK. Come on now.

- I know, but just because you beat them, don't start waving the jolly rag, whatever the heck the flag is, you know.

- To win a pennant, you've got to beat everybody. You got to play up to competition and down to the competition sometimes.

- But I'm telling you right now, everybody's beating those guys, right. So everybody's not going to the playoffs.

- Right.

- And so with Pittsburgh right now, it's going to come back to normal, right. And now you knock out Josh Harrison and he's not around for six weeks, well, then, normal goes down to not so good, right.

And that's just the thing. Look it, it's a nice start, and they couldn't-- they're not going to be able to hold this off. They're just not.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: By the way, is the jolly rag related to Jolly Roger?

- Whatever, the Jolly Rancher. I don't even know what-- they raise the flag, right.

- But honestly, though, this guy brings so much to that clubhouse every day.

- Jolly Roger. Jolly Roger.

- He's been a leader in that clubhouse for years now. So it's a problem when you lose a player like this, especially after losing an MVP type player in McCutchen.

- Yeah. And he's been a leader in that clubhouse, you're right, for a long, long time. We'll see how they react, but it will not be easy for those Pirates.