Mark Sweeney and Dontrelle Willis discuss the bench-clearing brawl in Colorado

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Mark Sweeney and Dontrelle Willis react to the brawl during today's Padres vs Rockies game.

REPORTER 1: So who's guilty of starting this? And was there an overreaction in the retaliation?

MARK SWEENEY: Well, it really started last night. And it was a 3-run home run by Hunter Renfroe. And then Manny Margot takes his at bat in the ninth inning.

REPORTER 1: So he triggers this?

MARK SWEENEY: He 2-1 count. He's trying to lay a bunt down. In my opinion, he needs to swing a bat. You're at Coors Field. The next pitch, 95, on the rib cage. I understand he's apologizing. But this is a scenario that maybe he took it upon himself to say, "You know, I didn't need to see you lay a bunt down." It's that competitive balance. That's what really happens.

DONTRELLE WILLIS: Especially the type of ballplayer that Margot is. They expect him to swing the bat. It's emotional. The Rockies just gave up to lead. 3-run bomb in the ninth. So everybody is emotional. But again, if I've seen him at the play bunting, I'm going to be upset, especially the situation of the ball game.

REPORTER 1: And the umpire said there were no warnings given, you know, until afterwards. So they thought they had things under control until Arenado was struck and charged the mound. And then this ensued. And I know during this, Mark, it struck you as interesting with the throw with the glove.

DONTRELLE WILLIS: He missed him with the ball and the glove. He was 0 for 2.

REPORTER 1: And he's running. Perdomo is on the move.

DONTRELLE WILLIS: He saw a bull in his eyes, though. He saw that energy in his eyes.


DONTRELLE WILLIS: He said, "Help. Help me! Get him off me. Get him off me."

REPORTER 1: McGwire trying to retain, or at least control-- talk to Arenado.

MARK SWEENEY: Well, Mark McGwire, the bench coach of the Padres, understands this scenario so well, because he was the type of player that ended up getting thrown at back in his day. He also has a connection with Nolan Arenado. He's trying to be the peacekeeper here. And also saying how many guys got thrown at and you're the best player in the game. You almost have to expect it, because I think Nolan Arenado didn't believe he should have been thrown at. It should've been somebody else. Well, that's what happens in these scenarios, to try to take control of it.

You guys know the seven-- they've played seven times already this season. The next road trip, the Padres go back and play another series in Colorado. So this is going to get interesting moving forward. Obviously there's going to be expectations, and the umpires are going to take control of the situation.

REPORTER 1: Later we'll talk about possible suspensions, what we think. But the players code, whether a young guy, a veteran, you should know this. You should understand this when you're out on the field, whether you're the pitcher or the hitter.

DONTRELLE WILLIS: And that's what McGwire was trying to explain to Arenado. That three of our guys got hit. Calm down. You should expect this also because you're the face of this franchise. And your face is a ball club. But that energy-- let's see how they react. You saw the error when they intensified.

So let's see if the Padres-- can-- to stay up there and battle this team, because they're going to be division rivals. And it's going to be exciting. It's going to be postseason baseball in Colorado and San Diego between the two teams next time they face.

MARK SWEENEY: April is getting interesting

DONTRELLE WILLIS: Yeah. It's going to be fun.