Dontrelle Willis explains how pitchers are approaching Giancarlo Stanton this season

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Dontrelle Willis and Eric Karros join Chris Myers to discuss Giancarlo Stanton's hitting slump.

- But I did want to ask you about Stanton, who has been struggling with the strikeout. Did have a couple of hits tonight. How would you pitch him right now? Or what are pitchers talking about what they've seen of him in pinstripes?

- They saw the scouting report and they saw the home runs that he hit in New York off sliders. And that helps the bat head catch out front. Now, you know you caught some balls out front, too, so that as a left-handed pitcher, you're going to rush him and speed up his bat, so then you can go to the slider down in the zone. And especially with Chris Sale having a nasty one, he wants to set up his pitches. But Chris Sale didn't need that, especially with his high velocity today, especially how cold that was, nobody was catching up to 97, especially up top.

- 16 pitches, 14 fastballs tonight.

- Well, and that's the thing. When you've got a dominating fastball and you're throwing to a hitter that is struggling, that opens up the whole strike zone. And you can do a lot of different things. Because Stanton, look it, the reality is as great as he is, as physical as he is, between the ears, everybody's going to struggle. And that's the big battle playing baseball.

- Real quick. Last year he hit, what, 59 homers, around .280. What does he have to hit average-wise, what do you think he has to hit, what do you think he will hit in New York this year?

- I think 35, 40. That lineup, he's still going to be pitched to. And they're going to have--

- Right. What about the average?

- And he's a very streaky hitter.

- .270?

- .270? I'd be surprised if he hits under .270. I would. I really would.

- In this day and age, batting average doesn't matter--

- OK.

- --right?

- It's all about the home run.

- It doesn't matter.


- They want Adam Dunn! They want Adam Dunn.

- They want him to get on base and just create havoc in that lineup.

- Fourth in home run, though.

- OK. And you have Aaron Judge, of course. All right, let's check in on some news before we get back to the highlight.