Dontrelle Willis thinks the Indians will miss the production of Jay Bruce and Carlos Santana

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Dontrelle Willis and Eric Karros join Kevin Burkhardt to discuss Cleveland's slow start on offense.

- --strange thing is their offense has not been bad, it's been horrendously bad. .159 batting average coming in, worst in the league in slugging, tied for 26 in runs. I don't think that pace will continue, but are we a little worried, they lost some guys in the off season? Now is this-- they have enough on offense, EK.

- They have enough. And it's early, right, and it's cold, and all those sort of things. Obviously, Santana and Jay Bruce, they're going to miss those guys. Santana, for me, lengthened that lineup, saw a lot of pitches. So then, you know, other guys, they benefit from that. But I think Zimmer is going to be-- he's going to have a breakout year this year. I think he's going to separate himself. And Encarnación, you know, Frank can tell you, if he were here, he doesn't do anything in the cold, but when that weather gets warm--


- Yeah, he's going to be--

COMMENTATOR: He was right.

- Again, you know, Lindor, I don't worry-- especially in that division too, I think they're going to be fine.

- I just wish they kind of would have stayed in the sweep takes for a Santana, or Bruce, especially Bruce coming off one of his better years. And the number that he signed for wasn't really that high. So when you lose two guys like that, they might swing through some baseballs, but those guys are RBI getters year in and year out. And I agree with you, EK, they elongate that line up, and they take the pressure off it, you have one guy that switches, and it's a left- handed bat that they need. So I think, at the break, and at the All-Star break, they need to go get somebody to really kind of solidify that line up.

- And they did last year, obviously with Bruce. But they were a 500 team through May last year. They weren't a great starting team last year. And look at this historically bad offense through 10 games. EK, we talk about all these games being in the cold, though, can you just put that into words? Oh, it's cold, it's cold, but it's hard to judge hitting in that-- I'm talking 25, 30, right?

- So think of it this way, when you go up to the plate-- I mean, first of all, when you're facing big league pitching, and you're facing guys like Dontrelle or guys that are throwing 95, you know, it's like, OK, I got to motivate to get into this box. Well, then now, you add into the thing, if I don't square it up, I'm going to be-- my hands are going to be hurting like you would not believe, whether it's off the end of the bat or getting jammed, or anything. If you don't hit it perfectly, your hands are-- and they feel like they break. They honest to goodness feel like you can break your hands. There's nothing good about playing baseball in cold weather, nothing.

- I think that's why a lot of these teams-- a lot of these numbers are a little skewed right now. Plus, it's really-- it's 10 games, 12 games into the season, that's the bottom line.