Frank Thomas explains why the Mets need to be patient with Matt Harvey

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Frank Thomas and Nick Swisher join Chris Myers to discuss Matt Harvey's first start of 2018 and what the Mets should expect from him this season.

- I think Harvey looks like he's got something to show everybody.

- Like you said, that's kind of the thing I recognize most is that he looks physically fit. He looks focused. He looks like he's ready to go. I mean, let's be honest, it is his free agent year, and we have talked about that also. I also feel like having guys like Dave Eiland and Mickey Calloway, two pitching coaches that have had success in this league. So for those guys to be able to teach him and for him to listen to those guys, he has a chance to have an unbelievable season.

- Well, for me it's just baby steps. He's been through a lot the last couple of years. He looks healthy. He's in tremendous shape. But take him one day at a time. Do not get the hype going again. Let's see this guy get back where he's capable of being with a new sounding board, with new coaches who's had a lot of success with pitchers. I think this could be the combination that turns this guy around.

NICK SWISHER: Also, too, I feel like that pitching staff has wanted to pitch together from jump street. And to have the chance to have all five of those guys together to go out and do their thing and to show New York what they actually can do-- but we always talk about that. Health is key. Those guys have to stay on the mound for the Mets to be successful this year.

- Yeah, because I think everybody just handing that division to the Nationals, but this could be a difference maker if everybody's healthy.