Nick Swisher: Didi Gregorius is the ‘perfect replacement for Derek Jeter’

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Nick Swisher and Frank Thomas join Chris Myers to discuss Didi Gregorius' huge 8 RBI day against Tampa Bay.

- Gregorius in the cleanup spot. He was in, what, 40-plus games there last year. Did a nice job. All the great hitters in that lineup, and yet he's the guy who comes through.

- Well, we saw it in the playoffs last year. This guy's starting to step up bigger and bigger. He's getting better and better. I'm looking for an MVP-type season from this guy, because he's got all those massive big hitters in front of him. I can see this guy really breaking out, driving in the run, because these guys are going to get a lot of walks.

- Well, I'm telling you, I mean, when you think of the Yankee lineup, you think of two guys. You think of Aaron Judge. You think of Giancarlo Stanton.

CHRIS MYERS: Stanton, yeah.

- Don't sleep on guys like Gary Sanchez, Didi Gregorius. He has been the perfect replacement for Derek Jeter. The guy plays Gold Glove defense. He's a middle of the order type of guy. He set the home record for shortstop for the New York Yankees. I mean, his emoji game is on point.

- And he was knighted, true? Netherlands, right?

- Yeah, the dude speaks, like, five different languages. I mean, this guy is so interesting. And for him to be able to go into New York and do what he's done on such a quiet way, that is the perfect replacement for the Captain, no doubt about it.

- And what's key is he hasn't shown a ceiling yet. Each year he's been in that Yankee uniform, he's gotten better and better. We saw him really break out in the playoffs. And he's starting his-- the first of the season the same way he finished it.

CHRIS MYERS: What an acquisition. He has settled in. And when Stanton can go 0-for-5 and you still get the run production, Gregorius carrying the team--