Frank Thomas was ‘very impressed’ with Shohei Ohtani’s pitching debut on Sunday

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Frank Thomas and Eric Karros join Chris Myers to discuss Shohei Ohtani's pitching debut and what to expect from him going forward.

- What about the Angels, though? Good start, 3 and 1. Last time they started out 3 and 1 was 2008. They won 100 games that year.

And Ohtani pitched yesterday, he gets the day off today as the position player. That's the routine Mike Scioscia wants to give him before and after he starts as a pitcher, and he did give a good six innings. Were you impressed with what you saw?

- I was. I didn't-- so what he had done in spring training. You know, he's on the back fields, he wasn't really all that impressive. But again, it's spring training, right? And then you have all the adjustment factor.

But yesterday, he's throwing 100 miles an hour, and he's dropping a nasty splitter, and so he pitched well. Or I should say, he threw well. His stuff was-- it's unhittable stuff. I don't care--

CHRIS MYERS: What, fastball was up--

- The fastball, but I mean when you're throwing 100, dude, right? And then you're dropping a splitter, and you got that-- and he wasn't even good yesterday as far as locating stuff, or being able to throw the good slider, or-- and when he starts to get comfortable with that, when he's throwing that hard? I mean, that's just, I don't even know if my man could have hit him in the [INAUDIBLE].

- Well, I'm gonna tell you like this. He's 23 years old. The youngest superstar to come out of Japan that's overly hyped as being the next great one.

I was very impressed with him. He has so much criticism about his spring training. There's not enough time in spring training see what this guy can do. I think he's going to hit well up here, and I think he's going to be above average starter here. So I'm looking for great things for this kid. He's only 23 years old.

- Do you think he'll be a better hitter or pitcher?

- I think pitcher.

CHRIS MYERS: And his next start is against the Oakland A's again, so he'll get two shots against the A's.