Eric Karros: Boston is more of a threat to Houston than the Yankees

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Eric Karros and Frank Thomas join Chris Myers to discuss which AL team is the biggest threat to Houston's chances of becoming repeat champions.


CHRIS MYERS: All right. Who's going to challenge the Astros. We'll start with the division first, and then the entire American League, and then maybe all of baseball. Anybody for the division?

- So if you're asking who's going to be the closest--

- Yeah. OK, so the--

- Yeah. The closest is-- nobody's challenging--


- --right?


- Angels will be the closest to them--


- --in the division.


- You know?

FRANK THOMAS: I mean, that's if everything goes to plan. I mean, you never--

- What do you mean?

- You've got to factor in injuries. You've got to factor in fatigue. You just never know what's going to happen--

CHRIS MYERS: But they got deeper. They got better it seemed. Houston--

FRANK THOMAS: Well, when a team wins the World Series, I'm telling you, it's a shorter off-season. On that banquet circle, sooner or later you're running on little gas. But I'm looking for the Anaheim Angels to be the only team that can compete because of that roster they have right now.

CHRIS MYERS: OK. How about the entire American League? Who challenges?

- I mean, so--

- Indians?

- --when you say-- so when--

- Yankees?

--you're talking--

- Red Sox?

- --about a record, if you're talking about a record--

- No. I'm talking about who would represent the World Series. Who's going to keep Houston from getting back to the World Series?

- Houston.



- Just what you said.

- Just never know. You just never know. You've got to look at the Yankees. You got-- when that ball-- when it gets hot outside, watch out for the Yankees playing wiffle ball in the backyard. But you've got to watch out for the Boston Red Sox, too.

- Yeah.

- I think their lineup is built to be consistent year--

CHRIS MYERS: So you would--

- --in, year out.

CHRIS MYERS: You would stack Yankees, Indians, then maybe-- Yankees, Red Sox, then maybe Indians, if you're challenging?

- Challenging the Astros-- I think the Red Sox would give them more of a problem than the Yankees.

FRANK THOMAS: Sale and Price.

- Yeah. You're exactly right. And they're much more athletic as well.

- Well, let's hope somebody, then, keeps it interesting.