Jose Altuve on his 26th 4-hit game of his career

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Jose Altuve went 4-for-5 on the day and joined Ken Rosenthal to discuss the Astros' win over the Rangers.

- José, your 26th four-hit game today. You're a World Series champion. You're an MVP. Yet I know you came into this year wanting to improve. What are you looking to do?

- I mean, I did work in a little bit of everything. I think I have-- still have a lot to learn in the game. And I just want to be consistent.

And like I said, we have a great opportunity in front of us, even though we won last year. But we have a great team. We have pretty much 90% of the team we had last year. We have Justin Verlander since day one. We got Gerrit Cole now on our team. So I feel like this year can be special, too. And I want to go out there and try to help my teammates.

- You just said it. Cole is here now. He pitches tomorrow. Verlander for a whole year. Can you guys actually be better than you were last year?

- It's hard for me to say we're going to be better, because we won the World Series. But one thing I can say is that we're going to go out there and play 100% every single day. And we're going to do everything we can to win every single game. We know that's going to be tough. But like I said, we have the right attitude to do it. We have the guys to do it. And I'm just another guy on this team that want to go out there and win.

- Last thing. You got the new contract. $151 million extension. What does that change for you?

- Nothing in my game. I'm going to keep playing the game I've been playing. It's been working out good for me. So it's nothing-- there's not a lot to change. It's just a lot of room to keep getting better, like I said. And if I can do that, I'm going to be happy to do it.

- José, congratulations.

- Thank you, man.

- Thank you very much.