Dontrelle Willis explains why he thinks Houston is the most complete team in 2018

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Dontrelle Willis and Frank Thomas join Kevin Burkhardt to discuss whether the Houston Astros are the most complete team in 2018.

- Dontrelle, are the Astros the most complete team, do you think?

- I believe so. They have power. They have speed. They have athleticism. They have depth. And they have camaraderie, especially in the core group. It reminds me a lot of when the Kansas City Royals had their run. They made their stadium believe, and then they made the nation believe by their play.

But again, they picked up where they left off. They like to hit the long ball, as they do. They produce runs. And they get a lot of strikeouts, because everybody in that rotation can spin it up there.

- I just think they're off the charts with talent. It's just winning the World Series last year, there's going to be let down sooner or later in the season.

- Don't wish that.

- No, I'm not wishing anything. I think this team will be back in there. But I think they might fall a little short this year, just because of the long season. Guys got paid this off season. I mean, it's all happiness now.


- They are are the hunted. It is going to be a long season. I mean, not a long season with their talent, but everyone is gunning for the Houston Astros this year. It makes it tough in the major leagues. Not too many repeat performances. The Toronto Blue Jays-- it's a tough thing-- excuse, the New York Yankees did it.

- Yankees, right.

- But it's a tough thing to do at the Major League level right now.

- It's interesting, because you bring that up-- and you said this all last year from the beginning. You were right about the Cubs, even though they got to the LCS, which was pretty incredible. Theo Epstein said in an interview, yeah, there was a [INAUDIBLE] There was just something that was missing, was hard to kind of get there. What is going to be the hardest thing for these Astros, Frank?

- Bullpen. I think the bullpen. We saw in the World Series that they scramble a little bit. I think they're still in the situation to scramble a little bit in that bullpen. Their starters are lights out. They're going to have to pitch deep into ballgames every day. So it could be that season that they go deep into the season, they burn out.

- I think their offense will take pressure off that, but I think in the postseason, that will be exposed about the bullpen-- how they will match that up. But I think during the regular season, youth brings excitement, I think they'll be fine. And I think they're just young and dumb enough to not realize what they're experiencing right now.

So they have the talent. They have the know how. And it's just hitting the ground running, and no one get hurt. I think the only people that can beat them is themselves with injury. But this lineup is deep right now. So I like them going back to the World Series.

- The one small difference is that when the Cubs won, it was obviously history. And they were still the best team. The whole talk all offseason is the Yankees and Red Sox.

- Right.

- So the Astros are like, hey, hang on a second.

- They even said it.

- Verlander saying, what a second.

- It's coming through [INAUDIBLE], baby. It's coming through [INAUDIBLE]. I like that gumbo down there, baby.

- Off to a good start, 1-0.