World Series MVP George Springer shares his high and low points of the postseason

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World Series MVP George Springer joins the MLBonFOX crew to share the highs and lows he experienced throughout the postseason.

- Hey, A guess what? The MVP's coming.

DAVID ORTIZ: We got the MVP en la casa!

- George Springer, come on down!

- Congratulations, man.

DAVID ORTIZ: My dog, what's up, baby?

- Georgie! Connecticut boy!

- Oh, yeah. That's right.

- George, I just talked to you, but congrats again, man.

- That's right.

- Awesome.

GEORGE SPRINGER: Right in the center.

- Thanks for-- oh, that looks good.

- How sweet is that?

- Right about there.

DAVID ORTIZ: Wait till you see how that going look at your house.



- Georgie, Connecticut! What's happening?

GEORGE SPRINGER: Man, this is a great day for our team, our city/ I'm on cloud-- I don't even know if there's a cloud higher than nine, but I'm on it.

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: I have a question. I mean, look you hit tremendous home runs all over the place. You know, Keith, the fellas and I were talking about, you finally put the driver away, and you hit that little 7 iron, and you were thinking about hitting the ball to right center, and that got you started. Which of the five home runs felt the best?

GEORGE SPRINGER: Uh. I can pretty much say the one the other night at home, after a tough, tough play and was able to flush one. That was about as an emotionally low as I've ever been to emotionally high. And that's just probably the craziest homer I've ever hit.

DAVID ORTIZ: I've bumped into your dad during the All Star Game at the hotel that I was staying at, and we had this conversation. And I was asking him your son is extremely athletic. But he seems the kind of guy that he look like he's very well-educated. What kind of type of job you did with him? He was like, well, my son is a guy is a very humble guy, very humble kid, that works really hard. And every day he want to be the best at what he do.

Now, going back to the playoffs, the adjustment that you made, especially with one runner on second base. You tried to to move the runner over, all of a sudden you hit a home run. We were talking about why you turned out to be after that at-bat? How do you feel after that happens?

- Great. You know, that was a time where as soon as McCann got to second base, I told myself, I have to get him to third base any which way. And I didn't care if I had to throw the bat at it, you know. And then I got up in the count and I remember I told myself, he still has to get to third base. And I was able to kind of stay on a slider even more. And I actually fouled it off to right, and I knew that my plan was right. I just had to get my bat barrel in a position to get on top of the ball. Honestly, all I was trying to do is hit a ground ball because the guys that I have up behind me. And accidental homers are a result of a good plan, a good approach, and just trying not to do too much.