Nick Swisher interviews champagne soaked Dallas Keuchel

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Nick Swisher grabs a pair of goggles to interview Dallas Keuchel and ask what the Astros' World Series win means for Houston.

NICK SWISHER: Wait, wait, wait! Guys, I know this guy. I know this guy. Dallas Kuechel, bro, Cy Young's, All Star games, bro. Hey, it's the World Series!

DALLAS KEUCHEL: Yeah! Yeah! Ahh!

NICK SWISHER: How's it feel?

DALLAS KEUCHEL: Oh, it feels delicious. God, it feels amazing!

NICK SWISHER: Just tell me about this feeling. You guys worked so hard for the city of Houston. Give me a little bit about this.

DALLAS KEUCHEL: Well, we literally left when it hit. For us not to be there through everything, through everything, it took a lot out of us because we wanted to help out in any way possible. So when we came back our goal was to win this thing for everybody there, and first responders, the people of Houston, everybody associated with Houston. We wanted to do this for them. It took us a while, but we got it done in the end.

NICK SWISHER: Hey, bro, World Series champ! They'll never take it away from you. How's that feel?

DALLAS KEUCHEL: Legendary. You're in the record books, man. Nobody's going to take that away from us.

NICK SWISHER: Congratulations Congratulations! You earned it, man. You earned it. I know that guy! I know that guy.